"Only the paranoid survive."

Andy Grove

With the fast-evolving digitalization of business processes and the relationships between people, information, and assets, security is a key concern that needs to be addressed. Our customers expect ironclad information security for their on-premise, cloud, and mobile environments.

For this reason, we work continuously to strengthen and improve security features in all of our software and service offerings.

Secure Development

Guidelines, tools, and training help us maintain security throughout the architecture, design, implementation, and delivery of a product.

Secure Operations

Product security response processes and experts ensure smooth data center operations 24x7 with continuous testing and monitoring.

Secure People

Our employees and partners follow strict security standards, and we strengthen the human resource firewall through mandatory security trainings.

Secure Servers

Continuous technology and infrastructure testing helps us ensure that the data center is running smoothly around the clock.

Security first!

We live in a world where privacy is under constant attack, valuable data can be lost overnight, security breaches are common and cyber attacks happen every day. 

This is why we are taking extra steps to secure your data:

The recorded data is encrypted end-to-end.

All data is stored on amazon’s servers and backed up on two continents.

All connections enforce an HTTPS-only rule.

2-factor authentication is available on all logins.

Every software update is reviewed, analyzed by static and dynamic checkers, pen-tested, and beta tested on a small-scale deployment first.

Only then, once we confirm that it conforms to our highest standards, will your device be updated over-the-air.

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