RT Metrics

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Peter Drucker

Your cash register measures the end result, but it does not measure any of the steps that led to it.

RT Metrics measures every step of the interaction leading up to it.

Do you have the data?

- How many customers did each employee talk to?
- How long did each conversation last?
- How much time was each employee idle?
- Is the store overstaffed at certain times?

- Why do some employees underperform while others are crushing it?
- Is everyone following the script?
- What deviations cause missed opportunities?
- What deviations perform better than intended?
- What version of the script works best? Have you A/B tested multiple versions?

- Are employees mentioning all the right promotions and upsells? How often? What works best?
- Are employees avoiding all the phrases that should be avoided? How often? What is the baseline?

If you don’t have the answers to some (or all) of these question, you need more Data.

How managers evaluate employees

Listen in on conversations

Consumes too much of the manager’s time.

To hear too little of the employee’s work.

Provide 1:1 feedback

May be based on partial data.

And is often met with defensiveness and resistance.

Report to management

Still based on partial data.

And may result on periodic reviews that do not match the employee’s expectations.

Manage a whole team

The best way to motivate employees is to let them compete with each other.

But how can you “gamify” the experience with incomplete data?

RT Metrics

Finally, a Solution!
RT Metrics allows your managers to:

Capture all the data without spending time listening in.

Measure every aspect of every conversation.

Easily view and organize the data.

Organize and visualize key trends.

Provide precise feedback to employees with real numbers.

Gamify the experience for employees.

With immediate feedback, positive reinforcement аnd interactive leaderboards.

And the best things is – With all the time they save, managers can spend more time SELLING.

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