RT Blackbox

“A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment."

Ernest Bramah

Today's world is connected, and your reputation is at stake. Video cameras capture what was done, but leave out what was said. In “he said she said” disputes, what was said is crucial.

Conflicts are inevitable

What would you do if an employee was accused of misconduct, but claimed that the accusation is false?

What would you do if a customer claimed she was promised something, but your employee said she wasn’t?

What would you do if an employee claimed to have been abused by a customer, but the camera footage was inconclusive?

RT Blackbox captures 100% of the audio from all work-related interactions, and allows you to easily find the relevant recording by date, by employee, or by keyword.

This audio can protect your business in case of:
- sexual harassment accusations;
- frivolous lawsuits;
- employee conflict;
- customer complaints.

You choose how long we keep it. You choose when we discard it.

RT Blackbox

Everything is recorded. Everything is secure.

Recording is performed through discrete lapel microphones or visible audio headsets (your choice).

Clear audio of each and every conversation is captured even in the noisiest environments.

Everything is encrypted and uploaded in real-time to secure cloud servers only you can access.

Keep your business and your employees safe

Resolve customer complaints.

Adjudicate employee disputes.

Nudge employees and customers to behave better.

Collect evidence to protect yourself against lawsuits.

Easily search and find the right audio recording.

Comply with audio recording regulations in all 50 states.

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