RT Analyst

“Regular feedback is one of the hardest things to drive through an organization.”

Kenneth Chenault

How is sales-training done today?

Initial training and onboarding

Can 2-3 weeks of training suffice to make a good salesman?

Listening in on conversations and providing feedback

Can 1-2 hours of observation a week catch everything an employee needs to improve?

Secret shoppers

Can a single interaction capture anything truly representative?

Periodic performance reviews

If the feedback loop takes a quarter (or a year) to close, how long would an underperforming salesman take to become above-average?

The RT Analyst approach = Record and analyze every word

An AI engine that understands everything:

- detailed metrics on every part of a conversation;
- sentiment analysis of everything from politeness to offensive language;
- keywords and keyphrase analysis;
- conversation flow analysis;
- script adherence and classification of deviations from script.

When sales go up, morale goes up as well!

- employees become engaged;
- mood improves;
- retention increases;
- sales associates start competing on key metrics, each trying to make the top of the leaderboard on every parameter.

RT Analyst

Improving the script over time.

Quick A/B testing.
Of sales scripts, promotions, deals.

Analysis of script adherence.
And good/bad deviations from script.

Throughput, closing rates, efficiency and other KPIs.

Script adherence vs sales performance.

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