Measure the most important and overlooked KPI in retail - people.

Consider these statistics:

Only 4%

of all customers with problems actually complain.

The average person with a problem eventually tells

9 other people.

Satisfied customers tell

5 other people

about their positive experience.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is

5-7 times greater

than retaining an existing one.

The cost of hiring and training a new employee is

8-10 times greater

than of retaining an existing one.

These facts underscore the need to satisfy your current customers so they remain with you for years to come. Ensuring their satisfaction is vital to your long-term business success.

But if only 4% of customers

who encounter a problem let you know about it -

How can you tell? Can you really trust your survey scores?

How can you measure things if you can’t rely on feedback?

Satisfaction affects your bottom line

Over a lifetime, a satisfied customer purchases more, purchases at a premium, costs less to sell to, and refers your business to others. But how do we know what causes greater customer satisfaction?

Is it politeness?

A sunny disposition?

Specific phrases, or avoidance of specific phrases?

With RT Analyst, you can track all the possible causes - not just the effects. If one associate consistently scores better than others, RT Analyst will tell you why, with precise numbers and specific examples that others can follow

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