"Good management consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people."

John D. Rockefeller

"A supervisor is supposed to perform 20 reviews in a week, which involve observing, taking formal notes and having a discussion with the employee.

It is time consuming and mostly ineffective because of how infrequent it is (about once a week for each employee).

Usually this comes at the expense of being on the floor and actually selling - and the supervisor is the best salesman on the team -  so there is a conflict between supervisors and the store due to this”

Samuel C, Department Supervisor, Best Buy

Sales managers love RT Analyst

They no longer need to spend so much time observing, and can focus on SELLING. The observation is automated and the feedback goes directly to the manager’s dashboard.

They get more information and can provide more precise feedback, which takes into account every single conversation the employee had (and not just the ones the manager observed).

Employees work better when they know they are observed all the time. There is no longer a difference between how employees perform when the manager is present vs. when the manager is absent.

Lagging employees become easier to manage, and over time their performance improves as they start following the feedback provided by Rt Analyst.

The revenues and customer satisfaction scores of the entire team improve over time.

They also love RT Blackbox, because conflicts are no longer “he said she said” - everything is easy to review and verify.

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