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RT Analyst

Understands what works and what doesn’t, and provides real-time feedback to each employee on how to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

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RT Metric

Measures every aspect of your employees’ performance, including the number of customers they speak to and the duration of each conversation.

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RT Blackbox

Protects your business and helps resolve customer lawsuits, sexual harassment accusations, employee conflicts and customer complaints.

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What do we do?

Performance improvement

Constant supervision

Conflict resolution

Continuous on-the-job training

Real-time evaluation

Harness the power of data with AI

You already have all the data. The conversations are happening at every counter in every store location. But what is being said? Is the script followed? Is the associate polite? Is there something he can improve RIGHT NOW to close more sales or make customers happier?

You already have all the data. You just don’t know what it is yet.

“My average sales associate spent 160 hours talking to customers last month. I listened in on 2 hours of it, and provided 10 minutes of feedback”

James D, Store Manager

The RT Suite™ allows you to:


сapture every conversation, by every customer-facing employee in every location;


measure every aspect of the conversation, from duration and quantity to politeness and political correctness;


understand every word and phrase used, from those you want to hear, to those you don’t;


have all the data at your disposal in real-time, and convenient data visualization tools to track it over time;


deploy quickly and painlessly – we provide all the equipment, install all the equipment, and train your employees ourselves.

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