Frequently asked questions

What happens when people use RT Blackbox, RT Metric and RT Analyst?

Four things, primarily:

1. Employees start performing better

a) lagging employees start performing more and more like superstar employees;

b) adherence to the script increases among all employees;

c) frequent feedback results in faster learning;

d) sales and customer satisfaction increase.

2. More work is done in less time

a) managers don’t need to observe associates anymore - their time can be spent selli;

b) idle time is calculated precisely and work schedules are adjusted to avoid having more associates than necessary in the store.

3. The script improves over time, through -

a) quick A/B testing of new sales scripts and promotions;

b) analysis of script adherence and good/bad deviations from script;

c) correlating script adherence to sales performance;

d) measuring throughput, closing rates, efficiency and other KPI.

4. All conversations are recorded and available as evidence in case of

a) frivolous lawsuits;

b) employee conflicts;

c) sexual harassment;

d) customer complaints.

How secure is my data?

We follow the industry’s best-practices to secure your data. Everything is encrypted end-to-end, all data transmission is encrypted with SSL, all dashboard access is HTTPS-only, and all logins support 2-factor authentication.

How do you ensure the data is not lost?

We store everything on amazon’s S3 servers and back it up on two continents. No data has ever been lost, and if access to one location is temporarily unavailable, the backup copy can usually be accessed from the alternate location.

Will my employees like the idea of being recorded?

We’ve interviewed employees at various companies to gather their feedback. Most say that they did not like the idea at first, but quickly learned to love it when they saw what it can do for their sales and commissions. 

When the system is first introduced, employees need to receive a briefing that explains what it is for and how it works. This is usually enough to remove any apprehension the employees might have towards the idea of being recorded.

How will my customers react?

Customers already know they are on camera, and when they call your customer support number they already hear “this conversation may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”. In fact, they are used to seeing store clerks with headsets talking to the warehouse about product availability.

So, while you might hear the occasional question when a customer notices the microphone on your employee’s lapel, we have never seen a situation where the presence of the microphone has derailed a deal or affected customer satisfaction.

If you have a strong preference to headsets over lapel microphones, we can provide headsets as well. From a technology standpoint, both options work equally well.

Can I try it out?

Yes! We want you to see how well the system works before committing to anything. Just let us know where you’d like to test it - typically we recommend starting out with 1, 2, or 3 store locations - and we’ll send a technician to your stores to install everything for free.

Once the system is installed and the employees are briefed on the correct usage of the system, you can test it out for 30 days and see the results for yourself. When the trial period is up, we’ll ask you whether you’d like to keep the system.  If you do - we’ll come by to discuss a possible deal. If you don’t  - we’ll send a technician to remove the system for free.

Where can we view the results?

We create a private dashboard for each customer where only the employees you select have access to the data.

Store managers can be given access to one store location only. Regional manager can be given access to all the store locations in the region. National managers can be given access to data from all stores. Email and SMS notifications can also be configured to notify store managers of major events that require their attention.

Is it difficult to integrate with the rest of my system?

Not at all! In fact, all we need to start is your store’s WiFi password.

We’d love to integrate with your POS and video surveillance systems as well (to improve the accuracy of the results you get), but it is not necessary at first -- the system works and provides excellent value without any integrations.

Can’t you record audio directly from the surveillance cameras?

Each store has multiple conversations occurring at the same time, and audio from the surveillance cameras would not allow us to analyze each conversation separately. Recording each sales associate, from his own lapel, is the best method to ensure clear audio and accurate analysis.

What’s your secret sauce?

We’ve trained our system on hundreds of thousands of hours of real audio from real stores, and we can confidently say that every step of our analytics pipelines is the best-in-class among its peers. 

We openly discuss what we do and how we structure our system, and we’re not afraid of copycats - if anyone else wants to try and do what we’ve done, bring it!

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