"A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment."

John Wooden


Every employee needs feedback to improve. But sometimes feedback is hard to provide - employees get defensive, deny others’ description of events, find reasons why what they did was really the right thing to do (even if it led to bad results). Oftentimes, the problem is not the feedback itself, but the fact that it is coming from another person.

Feedback is easier to provide when it comes from a machine.

RT Metric and RT Analyst provide specific, quantifiable feedback that helps employees improve their performance. It does not critique or attack or shame the employees, but rather, it just shows them the specific steps required to improve.

Employees may not like being recorded, but they like to improve -- especially if they are compensated on commission and the improvement is felt in their paychecks. Once employees see the results, they stop resisting and let RT Analyst be their guide.


Conflict between employees and customers is inevitable. RT Blackbox serves several purposes:

Just by virtue of seeing a microphone present, most people will watch their language and the situation will get de-escalated.

If the situation does escalate, having the recording at the company’s disposal (as evidence or as material for internal review and training) will help handle the situation correctly, and help avoid punishing employees who were not actually at fault.

“75%+ of all associates get verbally abused by customers at least once each day”

Keenan P, Sales Associate, T-Mobile Wireless

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